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Remedial Cavity Wall Ties


What is a cavity wall tie?

A cavity wall tie is a reinforcement that is used in a cavity wall construction that ties the inner leaf to the external leaf of bricks/blocks or masonry. They are used to stabilise the wall construction and to stop the separate skins of the wall from moving away from each other.

*Identifying Call Wall Tie Failure*

There are a number of signs to look out for to see if your property is affected:

Horizontal Cracks – in mortar, often a high level, caused by expansion of corroded wall ties.
Bulging brickwork – caused by snapped wall ties, which have corroded. This can make your property unstable.Lintels sagging
Cracks or separation of window reveals

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Wood Boring Insects Treatment

Signs of Woodworm

What is Woodworm?


Woodworm can be found in any part of the home where there is timber if conditions exist for the infestation. But how do you spot it and what’s the best treatment

What does Wood worm look like?

There is a whole host of different types of woodworm and it takes a trained eye to identify them. Making sure we are treating the right woodworm is essential to leaving you with a wood boring beetle free home. Ranging in different shapes and sizes and with a number of category that each woodworm falls Into.

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